Our EWD and WD solve all compressed air condensate discharge problems, even with heavily contaminated systems. The water separators and drains offer safe, dependable and economical condensate management.

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Minimal maintenance, high reliability

With no moving parts, the water separators offer high reliability while requiring minimal maintenance. Both automatic and manual drain options are available

Energy savings

The intelligent drain function monitors condensate build-up with liquid level sensors. It evacuates the condensate only when necessary to avoid wasting compressed air and to generate considerable energy savings

Choose from a wide range

A wide range of EWD drains is available for oil-contaminated condensate. This includes models with an additional hard coating for use with oil-free and aggressive condensate

Electronically controlled condensate drains

The WD 80 drain valve provides completely automatic drainage of the condensate that collects at the bottom of the air receiver. The EWD drains are electronically controlled, which means they monitor condensate build-up with liquid level sensors and evacuate the condensate only when necessary, to avoid wasting compressed air.

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